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Neurofeedback has improved my life

At the age of 65 I found out about neurofeedback. It has been a wonderful help to me with various problems that I struggled with over the years. I was initially interested in getting help with Dyslexia, a problem I had struggled with since childhood. Being a Certified Public Accountant, this particular problem caused me a lot of concern. Neurofeedback has helped me with it. After doing neurofeedback sessions for a while I began to notice that the chronic ringing in my ears, jaw clenching and my ability to handle stressors in my life began to improve noticeably.

I also began to notice that the pain I had been experiencing, due to an automobile accident, was easing. I was so surprised about this. The incredible thing is that I didnít think that anything would be of much help at my age, but here I am telling everyone I know that neurofeedback has improved the quality of my life and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help.

Catherine Rule and her staff are great to work with. They listen where others havenít, they are encouraging and seem to really know what theyíre doing. Even if you think youíre too old, donít believe it. I donít any more.

Joyce Freeland
Plainfield, MA

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