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Statement of Healing – June 9, 2017

I am a self-admitted Type A personality, am highly functioning with an excellent brain and intelligence, organized and very specific in every task I perform. I noticed prior to moving to New Mexico, what I would term a ‘veil over my eyes’ which affected my mental ability to see-the-big-picture, plan effectively and efficiently, caused me to be highly irritated about all things which contributed to body stress and anxiety. It bothered me that being in a store and needing to choose a product felt difficult, the sense of ease in doing a task was not present, I felt disorganized (and I am a Professional Organizer), at times – could not keep my home together and struggled through each day. I was surviving with difficulty and certainly not thriving.. I also decided that if I did not somehow figure out what was ‘wrong’ with my brain so I could function at optimum level – “I did not want to be here”. For to me to have a poorly functioning brain is not worth living, because I was only 60 years of age. I look back and see patterns in adolescence and adulthood which made me irritable when it really ‘wasn’t me’ but I didn’t know why. I was also exposed to a toxic, highly dysfunctional, alcoholic, trauma-filled home environment where I was cared for physically, but not emotionally. I suffered from hypervigilance in body and mind since this was what helped me to survive childhood. I now know it stays ‘in and with us.’

I married my long time boyfriend after 14 years of dating living an hour apart and once married, it was very, very, very difficult. I felt frustrated, irritation experienced at high levels with a lot of internal pressure. I experienced mental rage which I could not control. My expectations of things were perhaps unreasonable and unattainable for my husband and he suffered from my angst. I felt I could not access happiness because there appeared to be a “totem pole of anxiety and self-imposed pressure a mile high” from which I could not escape. I changed a lot through spiritual intention to shift what I could as a conscious human being, but it was not enough. I was referred to Catherine Rule from my Functional Medical physician who practices Walsh protocol which I highly respect and believe in. She treated me metabolically, but some missing pieces still remained.

I began with Catherine with my first session being February 22nd, 2016. I am fortunate that my body and brain resonate immediately if I am utilizing a therapy that is right for me. The results were amazing. I am working, am fully functional, I have slowed down my life, and my mind.  My brain is clear, I can maintain and function at a high level. My health overall has improved. I no longer carry around that backpack of angst and irritation. I can be present with others, I can f-e-e-l myself in my body, I look forward to the future and no longer consider “checking out”, I am working as a Caregiver where my attention needs to be razor sharp, and I am involved in serving my community. My greatest joy and healing has been in the marriage arena. Though I struggled for many years with my husband where we several times seriously considered divorce, my marriage is strong, positive, productive, emotional intimacy is a daily practice of gratitude with one another and we are a solid team who has each other’s backs. This did not come without work, but I can stay with clarity and assuredness- this work has changed my life, and has secured my future as a functional, healthy, happy female of 61 years old now – looking ahead with gratitude and possibility.

I am happy to share this information with anyone interested in this work who needs help to function, and not just

Survive, but THRIVE.

Sincerely, Laura Corbin
Santa Fe, NM

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