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“I am a self-admitted Type A personality, am highly functioning with an excellent brain and intelligence, organized and very specific in every task I perform. I noticed prior to moving to New Mexico, what I would term a ‘veil over my eyes’ which affected my mental ability to see-the-big-picture, plan effectively and efficiently, caused me to be highly irritated about all things which contributed to body stress and anxiety. It bothered me...”

Laura Corbin

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Derek Hancock: “A Success Story”

“Let me start by saying “Thank You” to everyone involved in working with Derek at the Optimal Brain Institute. You saved a Family. You may have worked only with Derek, but everyone in our home has benefited in one way or another…”

Lisa Nickerson - Greenfield, MA

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Neurofeedback has improved my life

…”The incredible thing is that I didn’t think that anything would be of much help at my age but here I am telling everyone I know that neurofeedback has improved the quality of my life and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help…”

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