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277 Main St STE 209 Northampton MA 01060
Salmon Falls Gallery   Shelburne Falls     MA  01370
 Day: (413) 528-2084


My work combines psychotherapy and neurotherapy as complimentary treatments for PTSD, Developmental/attachment trauma.  I use EMDR and SFS to process some of the persistent intrusive past experiences and present day compromises that can be resolved with neurofeedback and memory reconsolidation.

I also work withcouples and individuals on everyday problems in their relationships each other and the world.

Scope of Practice

Client Age Group:

  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Seniors
Experience with the following conditions and disorders:

Asbergers, Traumatic Brain Injury. learning disabilities, chronic fatigue (and other autoimmune issues), OCD, mental illness, optimal performance, anxiety, PTSD, sleep problems.

Do you have experience working with alpha theta?   _yes

How many clients have you worked with, with alpha theta?  10

I also offer neuroptimal which includes elements of alpha theta

Additional Information

Level of Proficiency (Comprehensive or Advanced): Advanced

EEG Spectrum Int’l Affiliate: Yes
Also EEGER, Inc., and I am a PASS member with NEURO OPTIMAL

I take the following insurance:

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